Pendant Flying Pig Bronze
Pendant Flying Pig Bronze
Pendant Flying Pig Bronze
Pendant Flying Pig Bronze
Pendant Flying Pig Bronze
Pendant Flying Pig Bronze

Pendant Flying Pig Bronze

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Winged Pig Pendant - Impossible is possible -

Pendant presenting a pig with wings, handmade in Zahario studio. Symbol of wealth and fulfillment of the most improbable dreams. Author's jewelry.

Pigs would sooner start flying - this is how dreams that have no chance to come true are greeted. And yet sometimes they fly ...

Pendant presenting a pig with wings symbolizes fulfillment of even the most unlikely plans. It should never happen, but it did.

A pendant with a flying pig is a perfect gift for a person who is starting a new venture, or a gift to celebrate success. 

The pig is a symbol of wealth, abundance and joy - these are the most popular associations. However, in many ancient civilizations - including Egypt, among the Celts and in pre-Columbian America - it was associated with strength, perseverance, fighting spirit and primal life force.

The pendant depicting a pig with wings was handmade of bronze.

Attached to the pendant is a link with a tiny badge with the Zahario logo. 

Artistic jewelry from Zahario is handmade in his workshop in Olsztyn. It is worth paying attention to the precisely elaborated details, which are made under a magnifying glass. It is possible to adjust the jewelry on request



Width of the pendant: 12mm.

Height of the pendant: 23mm.

Diameter of the circle (to hang on the chain): 8 mm.

Weight: 17.60 g.

Material: Bronze.


Dimensions of the pendant may vary slightly due to individual making of each piece.

There is a possibility to adjust the jewelry on request.


Jewelry signed with ZAHARIO logo in a form of rectangular pendant 8 mm long and 4 mm wide.

Each order is sent in an elegant package.

For the pendant we propose to choose the chain - Chains.

Complete set! For the pendant to choose a bracelet - Bracelet Flying Pig Bronze.

Do not you like bronze? The pendant is also available in silver - Pendant Flying Pig Silver.

If you want to make a return, complaint or cancel the order - The regulations.


About Zahario jewelry


Author's Zahario jewelry is characterized by precision and artistry of workmanship. There is no kitsch or exaltation in it, instead it is characterized by a huge dose of humour and fantasy to the point of madness. It is full of symbols, eccentricities, creatures - as if from a dream or from a poem.

It is also a deep reflection on life, transience, and the experiences that shape man. Each work of Zahario should be treated as a metaphor.

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