Rings Skull Bronze Set
Rings Skull Bronze Set
Rings Skull Bronze Set
Rings Skull Bronze Set

Rings Skull Bronze Set

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Wedding rings with skull - original wedding jewelry - zahario.com.
Unusual wedding rings for a couple - a skull with crossed tibias. Artistic jewelry in gothic style. For those in love till the grave.

It is certainly not jewelry for everyone, but connoisseurs will shine at the sight of rings with skulls from Zahario. Ideal for people who prefer bold and controversial designs to cliché patterns. The skull with crossed tibias in Christian tradition is a symbolic record of the motto "Memento mori". (remember death). The motif has often appeared on gravestones since the late Middle Ages. In this way, dangerous places are also marked, and what is more risky than the declaration of love, fidelity and honesty of marriage to the end of life. Wedding rings with skulls were created in the artistic jewelry workshop Zahario. Each detail was refined with extreme precision under a magnifying glass. The set includes rings
with skulls in two sizes - larger for a man, smaller for a woman. Possible personalization and customization on request. Exact handmade, highest jewelry craftsmanship, jewelry in gothic style.

Price includes set of two rings with skulls.


Dimensions of small ring:

Width: 8mm.

Thickness: 2mm.

Diameter: 21mm.

Size: 14-16.

Weight: 7.1g.

Material: Bronze.


Dimensions of big ring:

Width: 8mm.

Thickness: 2mm.

Diameter: 24mm.

Size: 21-23.

Weight: 10.2g.

Material: Bronze.


 The stated dimensions of the ring may be slightly altered due to the individual execution of each piece.

There is a possibility to match the jewelery on request - Contact.

Every order is shipped in an elegant bag.

If you want to make a return, complaint or cancel the order - The regulations.

Method of making
Jewelry from Zahario is handmade in his workshop in Olsztyn. It is worth paying attention to the precisely elaborated details, which are made under a magnifying glass. There is a possibility of adjusting the jewelry on customer's request.

About Zahario's jewelry
Author's Zahario jewelry is characterized by precision and artistry of making. There is no kitsch or exaltation in it, instead it is characterized by a huge dose of fantasy, up to the point of madness. It is full of symbols, oddities, creatures - as if from a dream or a poem. The jewelry from Zahario's studio is also a deep reflection on life, transience and the experiences that shape man. That's why each work of Zahario should be treated as a metaphor. There is a lot of sadness in Zahario's work, but it's not typical dark jewelry. Although it's hard to avoid associations with death and fate, there's a grain of immortality and faith in impermanent beauty.

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