Pendant Skull Bronze
Pendant Skull Bronze
Pendant Skull Bronze
Pendant Skull Bronze
Pendant Skull Bronze
Pendant Skull Bronze

Pendant Skull Bronze

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Skull - Bronze Pendant - Don't be afraid to live -


Pendant in the shape of a skull handmade in the Zahario studio. Symbol of mortality and celebration of the joy of life. Author's jewelry.

Are you afraid of death? Don't be afraid. Without it life would have no meaning. Awareness of its inevitability gives the power to overcome fears, courage and reason to enjoy every day. Live for the moment, do not put it off, carpe diem.

In the European tradition, the skull symbolizes death and humanity at the same time. In Christianity, it appears as an attribute of saints, depicting the futility of human life, which is only a prelude to immortality. It also symbolizes transience, the inexorable passage of time, mystery and danger.

The pendant in the shape of a skull carries a double message. On one hand, there is death, the end turning everything into dust. On the other hand, there is life, which lasts now and must be appreciated. Awareness of the inevitability of death is a concrete reason to enjoy life and boldly make plans.

The pendant in the shape of a skull was made of bronze/silver. On the pendant, all the anatomical details of the human skull have been rendered. The finest elements were chiseled under a magnifying glass. Attached to the pendant is a link with a tiny badge with the Zahario logo.



Width of pendant: 8 mm.

Height of the pendant: 11 mm.

Diameter of the circle (to hang on the chain): 10 mm.

Weight: 4,70 g.

Material: Bronze.


Dimensions of the pendant may vary slightly due to individual making of each piece.

There is a possibility to adjust the jewelry on request.

Jewelry signed with ZAHARIO logo in a form of rectangular pendant 8 mm long and 4 mm wide.

Each order is sent in an elegant package.


For the pendant we propose to choose the chain - Chains.

Complete set! To pendant order earrings - Earrings Skulls Bronze/ Earrings Skulls Small Bronze and bracelet - Bracelet Skull Bronze

Does not bronze fit you? The pendant is also available in silver version - Pendant Skull Silver.

If you want to make a return, complaint or cancel the order - Terms and conditions.

About Zahario jewelry


Author's Zahario jewelry is characterized by precision and artistry of making. There is no kitsch or exaltation in it, instead it is characterized by a huge dose of fantasy up to the point of madness. It is full of symbols, oddities, creatures - as if from a dream or a poem.

It is also a deep reflection on life, passing, and experiences that shape man. Each of Zahario's works should be treated as a metaphor.

There is a lot of sadness in Zahario's work, but it's not typical dark jewelry.

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