Earrings  Swallows Silver
Earrings  Swallows Silver
Earrings  Swallows Silver
Earrings  Swallows Silver

Earrings Swallows Silver

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Handmade earrings in Zahario art studio, details chiseled under a magnifying glass. Swallow - Slavic symbol of spring, beginning and prosperity.


Swallows - silver screw earrings. Delicate, girly earrings with swallow in flight - good omen and symbol of good luck. Author's design and Zahario workmanship, details chiseled under a magnifying glass. Tiny, light and graceful ornaments with a message derived from ancient beliefs.

One swallow does not make spring, but two swallows are a sure sign of it.

In the Slavic tradition, the period between March 1 and 9 was called Jaskolka. It was the time of evoking spring, prayers and incantations, as well as predicting the weather for the new year (Slavs celebrate the New Year, or Jare Święto, on March 21).

When you saw the first spring swallow in the sky, you had to bow your head and look what was under your feet. If there was any material useful for building a swallow's nest (such as hair), you had to put it in your pocket and always carry it with you. This brought great luck. Another good omen was a swallow's nest in the farmyard, and knocking it down threatened swallows with severe revenge, including freckles and pustules.

Interestingly, according to folk beliefs, swallows did not come from warm countries in the spring. In autumn, the birds joined their tails and beaks to form living circles and fell into winter sleep at the bottom of the lake.

Who it's for. The perfect earrings for the modern Slavic woman who is close to her native traditions. The graceful earrings with swallows symbolizing youth, freshness and joy of life are an intricate decoration, but also an amulet referring to Slavic beliefs.

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Dimensions: 19 mm x 15 mm.
Length of stick: 11 mm.
Weight: 1.78 g.
Material: Silver 925.

Dimensions of earrings may be slightly altered due to the individual execution of each piece.
There is a possibility to match the jewelery on request - Contact.

Every order is shipped in an elegant bag.

Complet set! Choose pendant - Pendant Small Swallow Silver.

Are you not interested in silver earrings? Earrings are also available in bronze – Earrings Swallows Bronze.

If you want to make a return, complaint or cancel the order - The regulations.

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